Erudite Ventures

is a retail company focused in the cannabis channel.

Erudite Ventures combines critically acclaimed store design and operations with local resources and community values.

We are not a “pot shop” – we are a sophisticated retailer that the city can point to with pride. We just happen to sell cannabis.

Our goal is to create a local retail enterprise to which the community can proudly associate and enrich the lives of the residents in a holistic way.

Our Place in the Community

We clearly understand that the cannabis industry carries with it perceptions and sensitivities
that must be respected. Therefore, our obligation to the community is multi-faceted.

Together Erudite is involved in the ownership and operation of six retail locations in CA.

Clinically, I have treated over 11,000 patients; many who suffered from chronic and acute pain. I have observed firsthand the overwhelmingly deleterious effects opiate use can have on patients. I believe in and have observed the benefits of medical cannabis firsthand in patients utilizing it to treat a variety of conditions.


The Erudite ownership & management group is comprised of:

  • Doctor of Internal Medicine (M.D.)
  • Doctor of Education (D.H.L.)
  • 20 year C-level retail executive
  • Cannabis compliance and policy expert

Professional Ownership Team